We were told to eat more greens to stay healthy, whilst there was this kind-of-famous supervisor in Chinese medicine sector states that some veggies are actually cold side, which would impact adversely on people are deficiency-cold syndrome.

Below are those veggies that deficiency cold group of people can’t eat. Wow, lots of them I consume like daily… And honestly I have problem translating them. It seems “Chinese Cabbage” would be a big sector, when you do some research, some Chinese veggies can be called as a variety of Chinese cabbage, but the tricky thing is, they are DIFFERENT types of greens.

Chinese medicine pays attention to time in a day, those veggies as following are suggested to intake before 4:00pm (against deficiency cold group). I know, hilarious.

Oh, thank god! Broccoli, carrot and potato are my all time favorite, and those can be consumed and digested at any time.

Obviously some western veggies are not covered. Don’t judge, it is Chinese medicine, it is supposed to cover Chinese greens only. Like Roquette (or you call it arugula in US), is the one that I grow attached to recently, which absolutely kills it when you have it on top of pizza or in a salad dish.

Be critical, guys. Don’t take this very seriously, and if you already concern this level of diet, that means you surpass the averages and stay aways from junk foods already.

There is still a lot of stuff out there to explore.