Those are weird theories somehow, I certainly don’t take all of them, but they are adoptable, and again need to put into practice to verify some of these. Let’s explore.

  1. 1 cup of red wine per day is bullshit

In theory, it is low risk when intake less than 100g alcohol, well obviously, that ain’t practical. But the point being, in southern part of China, it is subtropical climate and it is kind of hot, in terms of Chinese medicine — it belongs to FIRE. And in Chinese culture, when we drink, we drink like hell, that leads to over drinking and damp heat inside your body.

  1. Stay away from conventional exercises

We tend to do more jogging, running and hiking, yes unfortunately as a amateur, we do it only because it feels good, when Covid hits, people got bored and workout more, but with wrong usage of muscle, that could hurt the ankle or etc. Get a couch if you can, exercise is important, but exercise the right way. I recalled that my couch told me that even the way I breathe is wrong.

  1. Don’t eat fruit before meal

Best consumption timing is between meals. And taking fruit immediately after meal is no wrong, but pay attention to the amount.

  1. Don’t eat Hotpot, barbecue, cold drinks, raw food often

If it is a social case, go ahead with any. But the climate is wet and heat, those excitant foods fulfill your needs mentally, but not physically. You mind wants to take it but your body will be upset. We can easily get any cuisine from the world nowadays, but give a second thought, the foods from THAT place would be more suitable for the locals, like sashimi is more properly enjoyed in Japan, not here. The climate and the environment are different.