What a journey for my cold wallet.

Decided to play the game so why not to get a cold wallet for my NFTs and cryptos? Two major manufacturers in the markets are Trezor and Ledger.

May 6, I placed an order on Ledger’s site, with RMB 1251, for Ledger X. They said it is gonna take around 1 month to China Mainland.

June 17, I had to pay a few hundred RMB tariff to get my Ledger customs clearance. Then it proceeded with EMS shipping to my place and it turnt out crap packing and obviously someone opened it up. Maybe during the process, Customs guys checked that up… anyway, how can you use it if it was “used”? That is the whole point of a cold wallet, a security drive for your digital asset.

June 23, I complained this to Ledger support and returned to back to France and asked for a new one. They agreed and used DHL shipping to send to me directly for quicker logistic and I appreciated that.

July 1, I got this call from DHL guy that my parcel got rejected from Chinese customs because it is a cold wallet, no matter in what way do I apply the clearance process, it wouldn’t work. How great was that.

July 14, the parcel was returned again to France and simultaneously I asked Ledger to send to my German office and they said okay.

July 18, Ledger said they can’t do it because this needed to be signed in person, it drove me crazy. I had to cancel to order.

July 23, I asked my German colleague to place a new order for me, a Ledger Nano S Plus, seems the only difference is the bluetooth connection, why the heck do I need that, it costed RNB 620, half price against Ledger X.

July 27, my colleague received the new ledger with this photo taken to me, well packaged and brand new. Still, there is one step closer.